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From our girl friends at college to roommates and friends of friends...
on our website we go out on the streets, bars, parties, malls...
wherever and we pick up the cutest girlie girls and invite them to come over
and party in our apartment. Thanks for dropping Welivetogether, hope you enjoy your visit!

Evette 28 minute video
Leslie 43 minute video
Beca 53 minute video

Our day started out with a little desert and some good drinks. We were not expecting to meet anyone today but we did. Meg just walked by our table outside the restaurant and we could not resist. She had a real cute shirt that exposed her natural boobies and a tight skirt that had us wondering if she was wearing anything underneath. After some conservation we decided to go back to my place and relax. We were so attracted to each other that we just start stripping each others clothing and playing.

WeLiveTogether Lexi
52 minute video
We Live Together Ralyan
69 minute video
WeLiveTogether Jenna
34 minute video

We were only a few minutes in the mall when we came across Raylan a towering blond with sexy long legs and voluptuous natural boobs. She already had done some shopping and was tired so we persuaded her to join us at my place for some sexual relaxation.We got really wild and crazy. It was a non stop girl on girl party.

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